North Country Solutions

Services Proudly sourced in the North

Services Proudly sourced in the North

Services Proudly sourced in the NorthServices Proudly sourced in the North

Communication Services


Communication skills are my superpowers. Writing is my passion. I'm an expert at digging through data to find the story. Contract my talents, time and knowledge to meet deliverables, on time and on target. Allow me to help fill your resource gaps.

What might this look like in real time?  I construct well-informed thought pieces on priority issues and hot topics.  I develop web copy to optimize virtual gateways. I prepare documents, reports and other resources to further your agenda. I administer surveys to yield action items. Most anything in written form is on the table, including ghostwriting.  

Writing samples and a wide variety of deliverables are readily available upon request. Some (professional) writing samples are easily accessed via LinkedIn and other (persona) writing samples through my blog, below.

Learn more about my professional credentials and why we should work together.  Then get in touch.

Reflective Writing on the seasons of life

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North Country Seasons

I've always lived in the North Country, a remote rural region with four distinct seasons. Over generations, our families have learned it is a great place to raise kids and cows.  I've learned to appreciate that life is beautiful if bittersweet. This moment is all we have. Take note. Give thanks. 

You'll find personal reflections on the natural ebb and flow of the seasons archived on North Country Seasons. My blog is a rich repository and great way to become acquainted.

As much as I love the No. Co., sometimes, I must admit, it is a bit too cold or familiar. Then we travel. Thirty-four countries and counting. It's a big world out there, eh? Here's to great joy in your journey. Safe travels.