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Services Proudly sourced in the North

Services Proudly sourced in the North

Services Proudly sourced in the NorthServices Proudly sourced in the North

Knitting Community


Love from the Sticks

Our ministry exists to express care and bring comfort through hand-stitched gifts.  In the process, we are knitting a multigenerational community of stitchers!  

Local members receive guidelines, instructions, and starter patterns plus guided instruction and ongoing support.  We meet monthly (more or less) to share  tips, strategies and stitching stories.  We collect completed projects for distribution at those meetings, too.

We are stitching chemo caps at present. The image gallery shows a small sampling. We're open to other projects and service outside our region. We also welcome contributions from "remote" stitchers, so don't be shy! Get in touch to suggest a service project or learn how to get involved.

Oh, yes. About that catchy group name. Hopefully you noticed the double entendre? We use sticks, so to speak, to knit and crochet gifts of comfort.  We are located "in the sticks" of New York State's far North Country region. The ministry launched in the fall of 2019 under the auspices of the Lisbon Wesleyan Church

Tried & True PATTERNS

Super Bulky (#6 weight) Knits